Art classes that unleash your soul on canvas

There seems to be two types of art classes available for people who want to learn to paint: one that adheres strictly to rules and technique, and the other that explores the freedom of creation.

If you’re like most people, you want a little of both: to learn to paint and cultivate a sense of creative freedom. You want to connect with your spirit, sure, but you also want to enjoy the results of your work.

With classes at Lisa Mann Fine Art Studio, we know that great art comes from within...and that expressing yourself fully and confidently doesn’t have to come at the expense of learning cool new painting techniques.

We capture both sides of the creative process: we lead with the spirit, intuition and playful side of expression, then make sure that you are equipped with the technical tools to express yourself and make stunning art.

Learn + Play

Live Virtual Art Classes

Intro to Abstract Painting in Oil & Cold Wax

In this lively and interactive class, you’ll learn how to paint abstract landscapes with oil paints and cold wax medium. Create layered art pieces with luminosity. Experiment with textures and colors. This class is open to a range of expertise from complete beginners with no art experience to seasoned artists who want to explore this unique technique.

This class will cover topics such as:

  • Using your tools and materials to get the most out of your imagination
  • Adding textures and layers
  • Mark making
  • Reductive techniques to reveal layers
  • Bringing colors and textures together to create a unified piece
  • How to know when a piece is complete
  • Self-critique and celebration

Find Courage, Connection, and Creativity

Early enrollment open for my most comprehensive

online art course to date

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by painting classes in the past, this one's for you. Lower your stress level, connect to a courageous mindset, and learn to PAINT POWERFULLY in 6 weeks.

We’ll will cover the following:

  • Approach art in an intuitive and courageous manner
  • How to use the oil and cold wax medium
  • I will share my own artistic tips and techniques
  • We will discuss solid artistic and design principals
  • You will learn about color, composition, line, and texture
  • We will explore possibilities for sharing the art in ways that feel meaningfu

This class is all about unleashing your inner artist and becoming comfort & courageous in your art.

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abstract painting online courses

Online Classes

My self-directed online classes will teach you to create your own series of abstract paintings using oil and cold wax and acrylic paints via a series of step-by-step videos that you can watch at your own pace. Discover a new passion in painting! All levels welcome.

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in person abstract painting courses

In-Person Art Classes & Workshops

Imagine spending 3 days immersed in your own creative expression, nurturing your skills and your spirit, and all in the welcoming environment of other art explorers.

This multi-day workshop is the perfect way to access your inner creative self. We’ll explore cold wax painting and abstract art. We’ll dive into textures, colors, and techniques. We’ll get messy.

We’ll spend the bulk of each day painting and playing. You’ll acquire new skills, gain confidence in your artistic abilities, and start building out (or adding to) your own portfolio. You’ll also become part of a supportive, nurturing community of like-minded painters.

NOTE: In-person classes are currently on hold during COVID-19. Join my newsletter to be notified when we begin welcoming new students.

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