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A Time to Reflect and an Invitation

Hello creative souls,


I hope you managed to find joy and creativity over the holiday season.


For me this time of year is often one where I take stock of the year that has passed and set some intentions for the next year.  My creativity ebbs and flows and the winter months are definitely filled with quieter moments to regroup and restore.


Quieter moments are so necessary – yet the flip side of these moments is often feeling stuck, or unmotivated in our art making. Staying motivated and inspired is often tricky as we navigate the holidays and the winter season.


What can we do?

I have a few tried and true methods that really help and I wanted to share…


#1 – I remain open to the possibilities. Sounds easier than it is, but sometimes for me feeling stuck comes from the thought that things will never change. Remaining open to yet unknown possibilities is always so helpful! In my art and creativity, I can find hints of new directions sometimes by closely examining my own artwork that I find inspiring! What was it about a certain piece that I liked and might want to recreate in a new way?


#2 – I rely heavily on a community of peers. Together we can help motivate, inspire and support one another…


#3 – I fill my eyes with as much natural beauty as possible


So here is my invitation and a small moment of inspiration.


Check out my latest 15 seconds of beauty


And….if you have it already,  join me and a group of your peers in Abstract Academy if you feel stuck! Together we can really support each other through these more contemplative times to continue to create and flourish


Happy healthy New Year to you all,



Lisa Mann
Hi, I’m Lisa!

I’m the owner of Lisa Mann Fine Art Studio, bringing people together through art and creative expression. Here, you can shop my paintings, take an art class or workshop, or immerse yourself on a painting retreat. I believe art lives inside every one of us. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Lisa Mann making art

Art lives inside every one of us.
Let’s explore the possibilities.


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